Cajun Salmon
with Broccoli

Cajun Salmon
with Broccoli


  • 1 piece fresh salmon fillet (7oz)
  • 1 tbsp Cajun seasoning (just enough to coat)
  • 1/2 cup broccoli
  • Dash of salt
  • Dash of pepper
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 lemon wedge for serving


  1. Clean your salmon and pat dry.
  2. In a plate, sprinkle Cajun seasoning all over and ensure all sides are coated.
  3. Toss broccoli with olive oil, salt, and pepper.
  4. Spritz cooking spray in air fryer pan and place salmon skin side down.
  5. For a salmon fillet about 3/4 of an inch thick, air fry for 7-10 minutes at 350°F or until done to your liking.
  6. Cook broccoli for 7-8 minutes at 350°F. Serve immediately with a squeeze of lemon.

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