Heats to 400°
in Seconds!

Beat the Preheat! Powerful AriaFlow technology delivers superhot air to your food from all angles to deliver satisfying crunch with tender insides. 

Turn Leftovers
Into Bestovers!

No more lifeless microwaved food, soggy fries, and limp leftovers. Our AriaFlow technology removes excess moisture and delivers superhot air for crispy, gooey leftovers you can enjoy anytime.

Your Time

Precision Retro Dial allow you to accurately adjust time at any point in the cooking process. An indictor light also clearly display if the Air Fryer is On and Heating Up.

Crisping Plate​

Elevates your ingredients so hot air circulates beneath your food for even cooking, while excess oil and grease drops below in the Basket for easy disposal.

Industry Leading
Lifetime Warranty

With a Lifetime Warranty on all accessories, a 1 Year warranty on the product and our friendly live customer service, you can enjoy your favorite meals with confidence.

Exclusive Chef-Curated
Recipe Book

Exclusive mouth-watering recipes to try right away, curated by the champions of ABC’s Family Food Fight and classic recipes with Vegan & Keto options from Chef Mario Fabbri!

Grill, fry, dehydrate, roast, toast, bake, reheat, and broil your favorite meats, breakfasts, desserts and vegetables faster than ever with the Aria 2Qt Retro Ceramic Air Fryer! It has all the features to make it your new “Go-To Appliance” as its high-speed Air Frying technology replaces multiple appliances and cooks in less time than traditional ovens, giving you mouth-watering crispy results while reducing the fat in your food by up to 90% and eliminating the need for oil! 

  • Premium 2Qt Ceramic Air Fryer
  • Teflon-Free, BPA-Free, PFOA-Free Ceramic Air Fryer Basket
  • Teflon-Free, BPA-Free, PFOA-Free Ceramic Air Fryer Grill Rack for the Basket
  • Full Color Recipe Cookbook with Exclusive Recipes and Vegan/Keto Options
  • User Guide