Rotating Rotisserie

Allows you to cook an entire chicken at once as it spins 360° so you can enjoy evenly-cooked tender, juicy chicken dinners in a snap.

Spinning Cage

Steadily mixes your ingredients for uniformly-cooked vegetables, French fries, trail mix, and more.

3 Mesh Trays

Maximizes the cooking area and allows for cooking different dishes at the same time.

Spacious Design

3 cooking levels allows you to prepare food for the entire family or all your guests – roast an entire mouth-watering chicken, saut sizzling vegetables, or bake rich desserts for everyone to enjoy.

Ceramic Baskets

Our Teflon-Free, PTFE-Free, and PFOA-Free materials are safer, more durable, and Eco-Friendly

400° in
30 Seconds!

Our powerful air fryer technology heats to 400° in seconds so you can cook faster than a traditional, convection, or microwave oven.

Industry Leading
Lifetime Warranty

With a Lifetime Warranty on all accessories, a 1 Year warranty on the product and our friendly live customer service, you can enjoy your favorite meals with confidence.

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